3 Tips for Fab Fall Jewelry Style

It’s mid-October, and most of us are gearing up for Halloween, followed by the holiday season. How did this year go by so quickly? To ride out the rest of this year in style, we’ve put together some quick ideas to easily transition your jewelry style from summer to fall.

1)    Sparkly statement necklaces. Yes, by now, statement necklaces are something near and dear to most of our hearts, but this season, these pieces are taking on a decidedly sparkly look, even when mixed with solid colors. To get this look, try our Crystal Goose Necklace or our Crystal Spikes Necklace.

2)    Statement rings and bracelets. Why let your neck have all the fun? This season, big rings and bracelets are commanding attention with a new kind of statement piece. We suggest our Coral Zoe Ring or our Pink & Gold Spirit Bangle.

3)    Pendant necklaces. For a funky switch-up on necklace style, try a long piece with a fun pendant at the end. This style tends to go with everything, and is super trendy right now. Check out our Pearl Bloom Gold Pendant to try out this look.


Happy fall and let us know which of these trends you love, and which trends we missed on the list! We’d love to know what your fall style is!

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