The Charmed Life

Are lucky charms your thing? Many people these days believe that a lucky charm, whether on jewelry, a keychain, or a mini statue, can protect them from the evils of the world. It’s hard to say for sure whether or not this works, but it doesn’t hurt to believe! Here are a couple of the most popular pieces for those in need of luck:


Figures of Buddha (the “enlightened one”) are often worn from protection against worldly evils such as greed, and as a reminder of the awakened state and compassionate heart that the wearer may be trying to attain. We carry a variety of bracelets with Buddha’s iconic face to help you keep in mind whatever ideals you may be trying to achieve!


The evil eye has become a really popular charm, as it protects the wearer from evil looks given by others in an attempt to cause harm or bad luck. It’s become a worldwide symbol for protection against such evil. Try one of our Evil Eye necklaces or bracelets to keep evil stares at bay.

Elephants! Who doesn’t love elephants? They’re really cute, even though they’re so huge! They are also symbols of protection, good luck, and wisdom when worn as a charm. We have some absolutely adorable elephant charm bracelets available, so bring the good luck on.

Do you believe in good luck charms? Which are your favorites? Are there any we didn’t mention that you’d like to see us carry?

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