Yoga and Detox: Heal Your Body

As we get ready to kick off Trendy Healthy Mondays (our yoga/detox/wellness series), we wanted to share with you the amazing benefits of yoga. Just as Jewel Be Mine is all about making our customers feel great with pretty jewelry, we also want you to feel great on the inside (both physically and mentally!). Although this is just an intro to basic yoga positions (courtesy of Brickell Hot Yoga), we hope that we can open the door for those of you who haven’t had a chance (or perhaps felt intimidated) to try the transformative practice of yoga. We promise you won’t regret it! Here are some reasons why:

 It lowers stress! Because yoga is focused on both your mind and body, it has been shown to lower stress and anxiety levels. The combination of controlled breathing and poses create a sense of peace within the body


It takes away aches and pains! The stretching aspect of yoga strengthens muscles that may often be left neglected, creating strength in areas such as, for example, your lower back, which in turn leaves you with less aches when standing for prolonged periods of time.


It’s empowering! There is something about setting aside time for yourself to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit that will make you feel able to conquer anything.


Trust us yoga-loving bunch here at Jewel Be Mine: yoga’s so worth it! And let’s not neglect the benefits of detoxing. We’re featuring info on Raw Juz’s 3-Day detox, which is totally natural and handcrafted. Here are some benefits to the detox programs you may have heard about but not gotten around to trying:

It adds green to your body! We all skimp on fruits and veggies sometimes. Here’s a chance to give your body the good stuff it craves, and the huge health benefits that go along with it.


It can give your diet a boost! If you’re looking to drop a couple pounds, trying a juice detox can help you with that (obviously). If you’re already on a diet, a detox can only add to the effects that you’re trying to achieve.


It’ll cleanse your system! Juice detox gives your digestive system a chance to reprogram, since it’s not busy breaking down the food you usually eat. And at the end of the day, this is the beauty of detoxing. With it comes a stronger immune system and a total boost to your energy levels!


What we’re getting at is, what’s not to love about yoga and detox?! Come check out these transformative practices at our gorgeous lounge every Monday starting September 30th from 5:45pm-6:30pm. Stick around to check out our lovely selection of jewelry. Once you RSVP (at (866) 700-8014 or, join us Monday at 175 SW 7th St. (Latitude Building), Suite 1601, Miami, FL, 33130.


Come feel good with us! Namaste!

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