Outfit Inspiration: A Trendy Party Look

To fashion-addicted girls like us, the most fun part of going to a party is planning the details, from head to toe, of what we’ll be wearing. Sometimes, we can’t wait until the weekend! Here is a cute, trendy party look that won’t break the bank. We hope it inspires your weekend style!

  1. Let’s start with a simple dress with fun cut-outs and bright colors. The Norma Jean Cut-Out Dress (available at www.shopblush.com) is a great start.
  2. To add some glam without going overboard, try some classic jewelry. Our pick? Our very own Nuit Noire Drop Earrings.
  3. A bright, fun lipstick will go with the festive feeling of your dress. We love MAC’s Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick (available at www.sears.com).
  4. The finishing touch is a pair of sexy black shoes. We’re feeling a shoe with an ankle strap for this look. We’re a fan of this pair by Bamboo (available at www.cicihot.com).


We love the girly, trendy vibe that this look creates. Thoughts? What are your go-to pieces for heading to a party?

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