Meet us at The Intersection of Beauty and Health!

Jewel Be Mine has wanted to connect fashion and trends with health and mind/body wellness for some time now, and our recent partnership with Brickell Yoga Studio and Raw Juz will make this dream a reality with the introduction of Trendy Healthy Mondays! Every Monday evening starting September 30th, The Lounge at Jewel Be Mine will host local women coming together to learn introductory yoga poses and learn about the benefits of an all-natural detox program.

We are really excited to be involved in this partnership, as we believe health and happiness is the starting point of beauty. We love yoga and want to introduce our local customers to this amazing way of connecting your body with your mind. We’re also big fans of Raw Juz’s 3-day handcrafted detox program, and are excited to share this with you as well.


Most of us women have health and beauty on the brain, so let’s come together, learn something new for our health routine, and have fun doing it. Trendy Healthy Mondays start September 30th, 5:45pm, and will be held at:


The Lounge at Jewel Be Mine

The Latitude Building

175 SW 7th St

Suite 1601

Miami, FL 33132


For reservations, please call (866) 700-8014.

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