The Lounge Behind the Online Shopping Experience

One thing the Jewel Be Mine staff loved about our Endless Summer Fashion Show this past Friday was the opportunity to show some of our customers a behind-the-scenes view of where our online shopping experience originates. A truly unique aspect about Jewel Be Mine is that we are not just a shopping website. We are also a jewelry showroom that you are welcome to visit:) We love having guests, and we take joy in helping our guests find the perfect piece of jewelry to complement their look. So at an event such as our Friday fashion show, we happily take the opportunity to welcome customers into our lounge and share sweets, champagne, and laughs. It makes us feel good to show people that we are not only an online destination, but a physical destination as well. And it makes us feel great to connect with our customers!

Here are some of our favorite pictures (with some of our favorite people) from Friday night’s bikini fashion show:

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