Maria Paola Jewelry: Now Available at Jewel Be Mine!

There is a beautiful new addition to Jewel Be Mine’s already fabulous assortment of jewels. We are pleased to announce that Maria Paola’s gorgeous jewelry is now available on our website and in our Miami showroom!


For those of you that have not yet experienced Maria Paola jewelry, get excited, because her pieces are exquisite. Based in Miami but originally from Colombia, Maria Paola has created jewelry that is characterized by its unique, handcrafted take on trendy jewelry. All of her jewelry is gold plated and made with materials imported from Colombia, Turkey, Panama, India, Syria, and Lebanon. Her pieces have become popular with Latin celebrities, such as Gisele Blondet and Barbara Bermudo. Get access to this exclusive collection by visiting us at Jewel Be Mine!

We are currently featuring MP’s exclusive arm candy trend bracelets, made out of premium materials, and with designs featuring fun charms like snakes, skulls, and pearls, in both vibrant colors and classic gold and silver. In addition, we are featuring her handcrafted diamond pave necklaces in fashionable designs such as her crescent moon, among other delectable pieces. Here is just a snippet of the MP pieces we have available:


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