Jewel Be Mine x Miami!

Miami, FL

As most of us fashion-hungry women know, the fashion capitals of the world are Milan, New York, Paris, and London. However, Miami has been gaining traction on the fashion scene in the past few years. Miami hosts the annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Swimwear week, and Miami’s lush tropical backdrops are perfect for sizzling hot photo shoots. Not everyone recognizes Miami as the next budding fashion capital of the U.S., but Jewel Be Mine owners Natalie Mery and Valentina Osuna see all the potential in the world.

Fashion show at Jewel Be Mine's We Love Christmas 2013

In the summer of 2013, Jewel Be Mine was relocated from Los Angeles to Miami. Natalie and Valentina decided to shake things up and have Jewel Be Mine become not only a premier online destination of trend jewelry, but a gorgeous showroom displaying the latest styles of fashion jewelry, accessories, and swimwear. These two ladies are driven to create a new kind of shopping experience for both their online and local customers. They know that Miami women are craving a more interactive local fashion scene, and with that in mind, they are constantly brainstorming ways to connect with their customers. By hosting everything from happy hour to fashion shows in both their Lounge and various Miami hotspots, these two fashion-forward women are determined to create a splash in the Miami fashion scene. 2013 was just the beginning. Miami, get ready for amazing surprises in 2014!



Valentina & Natalie

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