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    Crystals + Leather = Glam

    It’s November, and depending on where you live, this might be the last week that you can get away with wearing shorts (without turning into a popsicle, at least). This means that it might be your last chance to get in on the leather shorts craze! Here’s how we would rock the best of fall trends while it’s still warm enough to show a little skin:

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    The Hottest Pair in Town

    Hot pink is the girliest possible way to add a jolt of color to your look. To celebrate this incredible hue, we paired an electrifying lipstick with our glitzy-yet-edgy Sweet Pink Glamour Necklace. The lipstick: Topshop Lips in All About Me. No one will be able to miss you in this gorgeous matte lip! The necklace: One of our faves, the Sweet Pink Glamour Necklace showcases super-feminine fuchsia, and adds a bit of edge with the chain detail and geometric shapes. What to wear with this pair? We’re thinking denim and/or neutrals, so you can let hot pink steal the show.

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