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    The Secret to Perfect Holiday Party Outfits

    For those of you that have already started making the rounds of holiday parties, you know that it can be exhausting. No, not the getting to bed late on a work night; not even drinking one too many eggnogs. It’s exhausting to come up with different party-perfect outfits for weeks on end. There’s the work parties, the out-of-town family dinners, the drinks with old high school friends, and perhaps a charity event or two. The list of celebrations just goes on and on. What to wear? We suggest pairing some basic accessories with a more holiday-appropriate garment. Here’s one holiday look we love:

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    Holiday Recipe: Gingerbread Cookies!

    One of our favorite things about the holidays? The smell of delicious holiday treats wafting in the air. We’re talking hot apple cider, pecan pies, and of course, a holiday staple, the gingerbread cookie. We love gingerbread cookies so much that we found an amazing (and fast!) recipe that we wanted to share with you. This easy recipe only takes 15 minutes to prep, and makes 8 servings. Read on for that spicy yet sweet deliciousness that we all love.

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