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    Yummy Fall Drink Recipe: The Spiced Pear Collins

    What’s a better way to get into the spirit of fall than with a freshly-concocted autumn cocktail? The right answer is, there IS no better way. And while summer will forever be linked to fresh-fruit cocktails and citrusy flavors, we have a great fall drink recipe that features the delicious taste of pear. Check out the below recipe for the Spiced Pear Collins (makes one cocktail, so multiply ingredients as needed for friends!):

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    Make Your Own Pink Sugar Scrubs

    It’s no secret that we love all things PINK at Jewel Be Mine. So we were extremely excited when we found this recipe for Solid Shea Butter Sugar Scrub Cubes from the great people at Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen. It’s a cute spin on traditional salt scrubs, in easy-to-use cube form. Use this recipe to make cubes that will soften your hands and feet, and look gorgeous in your bathroom!

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    Try This Cute Halloween Recipe

    Looking for a last-minute Halloween treat, but don’t want to settle for something store-bought? Try this recipe for Candy Corn Fudge! It’s a combo of chocolate and vanilla fudge that looks just like candy corn and tastes way better…mmm! Here’s the recipe:

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