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    Real Housewife Karent Sierra: Our Hostess of the Month!

    Jewel Be Mine is very excited to announce our Hostess of the Month! You’ve seen the beautiful Karent Sierra on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami. She’s also a dentist to the stars, and a former beauty queen. This Colombian beauty seems to do it all, including sharing our love for jewels. We are so, so excited to work with a Miami native, especially one with such a flair for fashion.

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    Made in Venezuela is Almost Here!

    Dopodomani, one of our featured Venezuelan designers

    Here at Jewel Be Mine, we could not be any more excited for tomorrow’s event, Made in Venezuela (in conjuction with Vava Showroom)! We can’t wait to show you some of the most fabulous jewelry you’ve ever seen, all created by Venezuelan designers! It’s an event close to our hearts, as the founders of Jewel Be Mine are both from Venezuela.

    This event has been keeping us extremely busy! We’ve been prepping all day for tomorrow’s sangria and jewel fest, and we took some pictures to share with you what goes on behind the scenes before an event at our lovely Lounge:

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    The Lounge at Jewel Be Mine + Vava Showroom = Made in Venezuela

    In case you haven’t heard, Venezuela is coming to The Lounge at Jewel Be Mine this Thursday, September 26th! We are so excited to announce a partnership with Vava Showroom for our event, The Lounge at Jewel Be Mine + Vava Showroom = Made in Venezuela! At this event, you can expect to see over a thousand lovely pieces of jewelry by Venezuelan designers such as Dopodomani, Kokivi, Indira Mollegas, Ili Sadovnik, and many, many more. You will also have the opportunity to meet some of the most popular Venezuelan jewelry designers of today. We’ll also have Sangria (yes, please!). This event is a great chance to mingle, network, shop, and of course, celebrate great Venezuelan fashion! If you’re not familiar with Vava Showroom, they are a great destination for Venezuelan jewelry, featuring 8 designer collections at their Miami location. We’re psyched to work with them!

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    Jewel Be Mine’s Exclusive Picks for All of Life’s Adventures

    It’s no secret that we are obsessed with jewelry here at Jewel Be Mine. Being that we carry a huge variety of styles and designers, picking the right piece for the right occasion may seem overwhelming. So, we thought it may be helpful to give you our top picks for everyday life, to keep you perfectly jeweled at all times. Here’s our faves:

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    Outfit Inspiration: A Trendy Party Look

    To fashion-addicted girls like us, the most fun part of going to a party is planning the details, from head to toe, of what we’ll be wearing. Sometimes, we can’t wait until the weekend! Here is a cute, trendy party look that won’t break the bank. We hope it inspires your weekend style!

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