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    How To Throw An Amazing Party

    After throwing Friday’s jeweled Endless Summer Fashion Show, we thought we would share some tips with you on how to throw a great party. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, it’s all about the details! So, here is our list of what it takes to throw a bash your friends will remember forever!

    -Choose an inviting location. It can be your home, a fancy restaurant, or whatever location fits the theme of your party, but make sure it’s a place that will be comfortable for your guests. We chose our Lounge in downtown Miami, as it is beautiful yet cozy, and just the right amount of space that our guests could mingle (and conveniently, just the right amount of space for our pink carpet runway!).  


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    Show Off Your JewelBeMine Style on Instagram With #iamjeweled

    Want to be a model for a day? Here’s a really easy way! Next time you post a pic of yourself in jewels from Jewel Be Mine to your Instagram, tag us with hashtag #iamjeweled, and we’ll feature you on the front page of our website, as well as our blog, for the day! It’s a fun way to share your jewel love with the world! We’ll see you on Instagram ;)

           @natiemery                           @carlettimalovany                      @patriciazavalan


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    Jewel Be Mine Loves Our Instagram Followers!

    Here at Jewel Be Mine, one of our favorite ways to communicate with our customers is on our Instagram. We are constantly posting pictures of new merchandise, and love the feedback we get from our fans. But Instagram is definitely a two-way street, and we make sure to show you as much love as you show us! We do this by posting promotional codes and giveaways, and holding Instagram contests several times a week! Here’s just a glimpse of the kind of promotions we have recently held:


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