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    Trendy Healthy Monday: Yoga, Detox, and (Healthy) Cupcakes

    If you joined us Monday for our Trendy Healthy Event, then you already know it was a blast! Held at The Lounge at Jewel Be Mine, located in the Brickell area of Miami, we were joined by Brickell Hot Yoga to learn some yoga moves that got our blood pumping. We also got to sample detox juice, courtesy of Raw Juz. For a sweet touch, we were treated to Sweet n’ Fit Cupcakes, which were delicious yet healthy! We appreciated the opportunity to share this beautiful space for some serious mind-body wellness time and learning about some of the great tools to being better versions of ourselves! Here are some snapshots from the event:

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    Yoga and Detox: Heal Your Body

    As we get ready to kick off Trendy Healthy Mondays (our yoga/detox/wellness series), we wanted to share with you the amazing benefits of yoga. Just as Jewel Be Mine is all about making our customers feel great with pretty jewelry, we also want you to feel great on the inside (both physically and mentally!). Although this is just an intro to basic yoga positions (courtesy of Brickell Hot Yoga), we hope that we can open the door for those of you who haven’t had a chance (or perhaps felt intimidated) to try the transformative practice of yoga. We promise you won’t regret it! Here are some reasons why:

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