Jewel Be Mine Pairing: Muted Green

Here in Miami, it still feels just like summer, despite Halloween being right around the corner. The hot weather definitely has its perks, like still being able to make a day out of the beach, and continuing to work on our tans. However, we are totally in love with so many fall trends, but not sure we can pull them off with the sun beating down on us. Wearing black knee-length boots with sweat dripping down your brow isn’t very convincing:(

One thing we can totally jump on board with are the muted jewel tones that are ever-so-popular this fall. From rich burgundies to deep shades of sapphire, these colors are everywhere, and we are loving them. Particularly popular right now are fall shades of green, from lighter military to deeper emerald.

In honor of our color obsession, we thought it would be fun to pair one of our most gorgeous fall necklaces with a nail color from Essie’s new collection. Our suggestion: try our Green Sunburst Bib with Essie’s Vested Interest (from their “For The Twill Of It” collection). Dressed up or down, these colors complement each other perfectly. We think adding these jewels and polish to khaki pants and a crisp white shirt, or any outfit with said black knee-length boots, would be the perfect fall ensemble:)

What are your favorite fall trends? If you live somewhere warm like we do, how are you getting into the fall fashion spirit? 

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