We Love Our Happy Customers!

Here at The Lounge at Jewel Be Mine, it’s a treat to have visitors. We always enjoy when people stop by, whether it’s to check out our latest jewelry, or just to chat. For our visitors who need a little help choosing the best pieces for their look, our CIA team is always on hand to help pick out the jewels that bring out the best in our customers. 

Whether it’s friends, local residents, or new customers, we take joy in sharing our gorgeous lounge with you all. For us, nothing tops having a visitor picking out pieces that make them feel fabulous, and leaving as a happy customer. After all, we are here to make you feel gorgeous by adding that extra touch to your outfit to make you shine. We’ve been lucky enough to get a couple pictures with some of our latest happy customers…enjoy! 

Visit us at 175 SW 7th St. (The Latitude Building), Suite 1601, Miami, FL, 33130. Have a question? Give us a call at (866) 700-8014. Hope to see you here soon!

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