Our Latest Obsession, Now Available at Jewel Be Mine: Ili Sadovnik


Us women love the thrill of finding that perfect pair of earrings, the pair that will add a “pop” to our outfit. Instantly popular at Jewel Be Mine, Ili Sadovnik offers us that thrill: a collection of brightly colored, festive (and did we mention gold-plated?) earrings that you can truly wear anywhere, and transition from day to night effortlessly. Her earrings are the pair you’ve been looking high and low for!

Iliana Sadovnik, a Venezuelan designer, uses the finest of materials for her handmade pieces. As she uses the most vibrant of colors in her designs, expect your outfit go from blah to wow in an instant when you put these beauties on! It’s no exaggeration to say that you can wear this collection with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to your LBD, and your outfit will be stepped up a notch!


Check out this amazing collection, now available exclusively on our website, today!


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