How To Throw An Amazing Party

After throwing Friday’s jeweled Endless Summer Fashion Show, we thought we would share some tips with you on how to throw a great party. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, it’s all about the details! So, here is our list of what it takes to throw a bash your friends will remember forever!

-Choose an inviting location. It can be your home, a fancy restaurant, or whatever location fits the theme of your party, but make sure it’s a place that will be comfortable for your guests. We chose our Lounge in downtown Miami, as it is beautiful yet cozy, and just the right amount of space that our guests could mingle (and conveniently, just the right amount of space for our pink carpet runway!).                   

-Provide yummy treats. This should be a given, but your guests may get hungry, and you definitely want to have something for them to nibble on. Choose food that fits the theme of your party. We chose girly treats, like pastel macaroons, chocolates, and cookies, since this party was all about sweetness.

-Drinks, of course. It doesn’t have to be alcoholic drinks; there are tons of recipes online for “virgin” cocktails that look and taste great. Just go with whatever fits your guests. If you do offer alcoholic drinks, always make sure to have non-alcoholic options available as well. We decided on Snow Cones, topped with fruit and sweet syrup that had a teeny bit of alcohol in it. They were super yummy! And they went with our summery theme. However, we also had water on hand.

-It’s not a party without music. Seriously, have you ever been to a party without music? It sets the tone for a good time. On Friday, we had an amazing DJ playing a sexy mix of pop music that let people know they were at a fashion show. The music really made the night.

-Fun games! It’s always fun to mingle, but sometimes, a game is all it takes to make the mood extra festive! At our party, we decided on a game where guests picked a plastic pink egg out of a bowl. Once guests opened their egg, they found out whether they won a prize! It was just a fun touch that our guests really enjoyed.

Use these tips and we guarantee good times! What are your best party tips? Let us know...we just may use them for our next event!

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