Jewel Be Mine Turns Two In Style!

This summer marks two years since Natalie Mery and Valentina Osuna began their quest to take the world by storm with the creation of Jewel Be Mine. And what better way to celebrate an anniversary than with a party? On August 8th, that’s exactly what we did, and it was every bit the sparkling affair that you’d imagine it to be.

Held in Jewel Be Mine’s Midtown Miami Lounge, this glittering event featured cookies frosted to look like jewels and fluffy pink mini cupcakes to satisfy the sweet tooth of our guests. To drink, our amazing bartender, Gustavo, created yummy fashion cocktails, including the very special Jewel Be Mine Sparkles Cocktail (bubble champagne, grenadine, and cherry… soo yummy!).

As per usual, our party was dripping with jewels, but to mix things up a little bit, we gifted our guests with the hottest new trend: the Flash Tattoo. These shiny gold and silver temporary tattoos can be applied wherever you’d usually wear jewelry (we love throwing one around our bicep area, which gives the appearance of a cool arm cuff). Our guests adored this fun surprise, and the Flash Tattoos looked even more amazing when applied with real jewels. So, as you can imagine, the crowd was absolutely glowing.

While our guests mingled and tried on jewelry, we got to reflect on what an awesome ride it’s been, sharing our love of fashion and jewelry with women worldwide. While it was simply amazing to share this special event with local guests, we truly wish all of our extended Jewel Be Mine family (from Instagram fans to loyal customers from around the world) could be there with us that evening. We’re sending lots of love to you all, and promise there is much more to come (and many more fantastic parties to be held) in the near future.

Stay tuned! Two years have passed, but we’ve only begun!


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