And So It Begins… Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

It’s finally here! Art Basel Miami Beach officially kicks off on Thursday, December 5th, but dozens of events are already underway. This event, attracting 50,000 visitors from all over the world, features both up-and-coming and established artists, and celebrates their contributions to the art world with viewings, displays, and of course, lots of parties (it is, after all, Miami). And why not celebrate? Contemporary art and perfect weather have us Jewel Be Mine girls ohh so excited for the coming days.

                                    Basel madness: Cheeses of France cheese sculpting; “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Friends With You

Some events that look especially interesting: a pop-up exhibition on December 7th by Cheeses of France, to include a live cheese sculpting! Tasty art – count us in. Another one to put down in your planner: the inflatable “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” display by Friends With You, opening December 5th. This installation will demonstrate the relationship between different colors and how they relate to different human emotions. Sounds cool! 

                  More Basel fun: “Angel Without You” by Tracey Emin; Tegan & Sara, hosts of the VH1 + Scope party at the Scope Pavilion

Also in store is the highly anticipated Tracey Emin Retrospective, “Angel Without You,” (opening today, December 3rd), featuring neon pieces that reveal Emin’s take on the vulnerability of the human state. Ready to party? So are we. The VH1 + Scope party on Dec 6th is hosted by twin indie stars Tegan & Sara and DJ Cassidy, with the official afterparty at Mansion nightclub.

Of course, this is just a teeny fraction of the events going down this week. Tell us which events, showings, and parties we absolutely must go to! If you’re in Miami, what’s on your agenda for the week?

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