Emma Roberts’ AMA Look: What We Loved About It

As with any awards show, much of the excitement is seeing what your favorite celebrity will show up wearing. This was definitely true for the American Music Awards 2013, held this past Sunday. Hot Outfit nods go to Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, and Zoe Saldana. The gorgeous Emma Roberts (niece of Julia Roberts) showed up wearing a Lanvin jumpsuit that is landing her on many a “Worst Dressed” list. Our take? It’s definitely not flattering to her figure, and does slightly resemble a trash bag. But her fuchsia pumps and purse give a fun kick to this look, and contrast nicely with the jumpsuit.

                                                This may not exactly be our favorite jumpsuit, but we love Emma's earrings!


There’s one more hidden treasure here: her gorgeous earrings. These smoky gemstone drops pull together the colors of her outfit perfectly. They remind us of some of our absolute favorite earrings from Dopodomani. Feeling inspired by Emma? Take a look at the Mimosa Long Earrings, or the Amapola Earrings. All Dopodomani earrings are made with love; they feature silk and semi-precious stones. Just add a smile and some smoky eye makeup, and you’re ready to shine.


Dopodomani Purple Mimosa Long Earrings and Purple Amapola Earrings


It’s easy to “trash” celeb outfits, but sometimes, you risk overlooking adorable accessories that could provide you some amazing style inspiration! Emma Roberts' AMA look is definitely a perfect example of an outfit with hidden treasures!

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