Make Your Own Pink Sugar Scrubs

It’s no secret that we love all things PINK at Jewel Be Mine. So we were extremely excited when we found this recipe for Solid Shea Butter Sugar Scrub Cubes from the great people at Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen. It’s a cute spin on traditional salt scrubs, in easy-to-use cube form. Use this recipe to make cubes that will soften your hands and feet, and look gorgeous in your bathroom!


You’ll Need:

2.5oz natural shea butter soap base

4oz refined shea butter

16oz white sugar

2 Tablespoons fractionated coconut oil

1 Tablespoon skin safe fragrance oils or 1/2 Tablespoon essential oils of choice

Pinch of pink cosmetic mica, oxide, or ultramarine pigment powder (Optional. We suggest pink!)




Use a square baking pan or two disposable tin loaf pans as molds. Line your molds with plastic wrap or food service film taping the film at the top of the mold.

Pour soap base using a scale, then melt in the microwave or a double boiler. Weigh your shea butter and melt. Stir the shea butter into the melt and pour soap base. Measure out your fractionated coconut oil and fragrance if desired using a tablespoon measurement and stir into the melted shea butter and soap base. In a separate bowl, weigh out the sugar. If using a pigment for color, put in a pinch of color using a butter knife or spatula. (Keep in mind if your fragrance oil contains vanilla, your sugar scrub cubes will darken and turn brown depending on amount of vanilla content.) Finally, quickly pour the sugar into the shea/soap mixture and mix well. Scoop into your mold and level with a spatula, then place in the refrigerator until solidified.

Once your scrub has solidified, gently remove the scrub from the molds by lifting it out of the mold with the plastic wrap from the top edges of the plastic wrap. Then remove the plastic wrap from the scrub. Use a chef’s knife to then cut the scrub into cubes. Place cubes in an airtight container until use.

To use these scrub cubes, simply crush one or two cubes in your wet hands and slather over your body. Enjoy!

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I love this!!! Great tip.

Valetina Osuna

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